SW Pilg, Sweetwater, TX. 2016

Sound check- Why can't I get this mic to work?


Beautiful venue, the Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium (built in 1906), a National Historic Register building.

Pre-concert- had help with the load-in... nice!


Preparing a concert of original and unique music:  members of Southwestern Pilgrimage-  Johnnie Hooper/guitar, Randy Brooks/guitar, bass, MC, Karen Roemmich/bass, Cheryl Cleavenger, vocalist, Rick Sparks/banjo, guitar, mandolin, Rod Phillips/Piano, mandolin, cello

Rick's T-shirt: "Paddle Faster- I hear banjo music"


We could do this as a pasttime!  And I guess we have.  Young Country/SW Pilgrimage (depending on where we play) has been playing together (after a 30-year break to raise children) for almost 45 years.  That's a lot of pickin'.

Southwestern Pilgrimage


In addition to solo appearances

I do concerts with Southwestern Pilgrimage (aka Young Country in Dallas)- bandmates of 45 years; we have concert tours in Nevada and California in July and January, playing house concerts and venues with original music as a band, supporting each other's songs with instrumentals and vocals playing acoustic guitars, piano, banjo, mandolin, cello, and upright bass.

RANDY BROOKS at left, in red, is band M.C. and comic.  He is the nephew of FOSTER BROOKS and is infamous for writing the Christmas novelty hit, "GRANDMA GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDEER".  Yes, we play it.  Every show.  Much to our dismay.