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2012- Thirteen Rod Phillips songs in the style  of Americana with acoustic instruments and vocals played and sung by the author.  Much of the music reflects the artist's passions of family, nature, and poetry.  Highly diverse and creative instrumental tracks by the artist, with some songs delving into harmonic invention that is quite rare in typical folk, popular, or Americana music.

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Old Green Truck


2015- The title cut is an epic anthem to the songwriter's ode to America's favorite, his truck- but with a twist. Styles are diverse, from Reggae to Country, with inventive instrumental accompaniments by the artist, with help from Brian Hargiss  (electric lead on "Long Run", vocals and Spanish guitar on "Runnin' on Dreams"), engineer and guitarist Stephen John, fiddle by George Geiser and drums by Springfield MO favorite Pete Generous.

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Love Never Ends


Rod playing and singing music from his personal spiritual experience, with an acoustic and folk influence.  "Love Never Ends", from I Cor. 13, begins with 5-year old Juliana Phillips- now Rev. Juliana Tilden. The music is inspirational and motivating.  "Windy Morning", "Still Worthy" and the calypso "What Can I Do" are some of the favorites, along with the epic biographical "Man From Southeast Kansas".

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Heroes of the Wild West


1985- Fifteen songs from the New Mexico era ('78-'84) when the artist was living in and around Taos, NM.  Rod is playing and singing songs of people he met and places of historical interest reflecting the Southwest, Native Americans, and artistic people in the Taos art community.

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Music for Airr Signs 1981


1981- Rod, wife Andrea and 2-year old Juliana were living in a pentagon-shaped dance studio in the high desert country of Sunshine Valley, New Mexico, two miles from the Rio Grande gorge and three miles from the nearest paved road.  Surrounded by sagebrush, coyotes, and rattlesnakes, with the ominous Ute Peak pervading the northern horizon, Rod recorded these ten piano improvisations long before the proliferation of the New Age music idiom- perhaps a prophecy, but the seeds of so much music sprouting and recorded for the first time.

Spirit of the Dove


1993- Fifteen Rod Phillips Contemporary Christian songs with the artist singing and playing all instruments.  Keyboards, acoustic guitars, drums, bass, and vocals.  

Some haunting and inspiring songs, notably the title cut and the Christmas song, "Peace Child", from the inspiration of Don Robert's 1960 book reporting on his family's missionary experiences in Papua, New Guinea in the 1950s.

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From the Inside Out


2002- Rod Phillips singing and playing thirteen of his songs reflecting family, dreams, and loves.  All instruments and vocals performed by the artist.

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April Moon


2006-  Native American flutes instrumental with Rod playing eleven different Indian River flutes from the soprano to the contrabass, a double and a triple flute.  The flutes are accompanied by celtic harp, guitar, piano, and nature sounds:  Singing and chirping birds, tree frogs, wind and water. Meditative and rustic.

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Full Moon on Taos Mountain


1981- Rod's first album, recorded in part at Autumn Sound, Garland, TX, where Willy Nelson recorded Red-Headed Stranger, with the same producer and engineer.  Four songs have a Southwestern theme including:  Kachina, Sweet Dream of Mine, Brand New Texas Mornin', and Full Moon on Taos Mountain.



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