Music Sidelines



Rod plays at weddings and at Christmas events.

Cello, guitar, mandolin


Rod Phillips Christmas album:  "A Whistle, Harp, and Bow Xmas: French and English Carols on 12 instruments.  It's a family tradition to put this on for music while we decorate the tree for Christmas!

Cowboy Christmas 2012


2012 Tour with Michael Martin Murphey's Cowboy Christmas (here at the Kwahadi Indian Museum in Amarillo, TX.)  Keys, harmonica, mandolin, and Indian flute.  This was a nostalgia tour; Rod toured with MMM from 1978 to 1981.

15 instruments/Two at once...

Rod- 15 instruments


{Above:  Rod with 15 Instruments:} 

  • 1- PIANO, (Kurzweil)
  • 2- Acoustic GUITARS (Kingslight, Dillon - luthiers)
  • 3- Bass (1973 Rickenbacker)
  • 4- Banjo (1972 Fender, 3 other vintage banjos/ clawhammer
  • 5- Mandolin (Eastman 1650)
  • 6- Harps (Roger Muma, luthier, cross-strung chromatic; Raphael Weisman, therapy harp, celtic harp
  • 7- Hammer dulcimer (Masterworks Ebony 14/15)
  • 8- Cello (Stringworks Concert)
  • 9- Alto sax ((Stephanhouser)
  • 10-a Flute (concert, ancient)
  • 10b- Indian flutes (eleven High Spirits/Odell Borg/Ojibwa)
  • 10c- Whistles
  • 12- Accordion (Wurlitzer concert)
  • 13- Melodica (Hohner)
  • 14- Blues harmonicas
  • 15- Chromatic harmonica (Hohners)

Bass guitar and piano at the same time!!


"Whenever it's possible to bring a small amplifier, my Kurzweil electric piano, and vintage Rickenbacker bass guitar, I play them both for my concerts.  The sound is made by pressing or "thumping" the string behind the fret with the 3rd and 4th fingers together.  I have played many thousands of hours this way."

Casa Cordova, 1981


Arroyo Seco, New Mexico... playing bass and piano together in the old days!