Album notes

Old Green Truck


Music of heart, soul, and family with poetic lyrics and creative chord structures with the artists' folky tenor singing lead and vocal harmonies and playing guitars, piano, mandolin, strings, flutes, bagpipe, with guest instrumentals on fiddle, drums.




"Rosalia One: Going Out" is 12 songs written, played, and sung by Rod Phillips, in the tradition of Dan Fogelberg, John Denver, and Michael Martin Murphey. The songs  reflect an evolution and growth in the artist's writing style, and incorporate over a dozen instruments played by the artist.                 


The Roswell Factor Audio Book


In The Roswell Factor, other-worldly beings work to save Earth from annihilation after  WWII and the  atrocities of war. They direct ET Agents in a plot to restore order and self-sufficiency to human beings. The agents are placed in four key Earth positions after the crash of a Sartarian patrol craft near Roswell, NM in a thunderstorm on July 4, 1947. A romance between the beautiful ET agent Jade and nuclear scientist Dr. Julian Rose is put on hold to restore the timeline and contain dangerous nuclear devices that could destroy the earth.